Our services


Product selection

By deciding which audience, you want to target, we help you discover products that are in demand and widely purchased.

We explore what is missing in today’s market;
We find out what are the wishes and needs of the selected audience;
We provide suggestions for possible products.


Discovery of manufacturers

We have been cooperating with manufacturers for a long time. We will help you to find the most reliable manufacturers.

We provide an already available list of manufacturers who produce the selected product with prices;
We are looking for manufacturers who offer the best prices and the lowest production quantities.


Product testing & samples

We want to make sure that the product you choose is of good quality.

We evaluate the quality of the products;
If the product does not meet the needs, we test the quality of products from other manufacturers;
We send product samples to you for testing.


Packaging design development

The attractiveness of products is also greatly influenced by their packaging design.

We offer product packaging options;
We provide possible packaging designs;
We handle all matters related to product packaging.


Communication with manufacturers

To save you time, we will communicate with the manufacturers ourselves in all matters.

We will coordinate the production of products;
We will coordinate all other necessary actions with the manufacturers.


Product launch

We will help you to present your product to the big market.

We will suggest the best strategies to reach as many audiences as possible;
We will help to evaluate competitors;
We will choose the strategically best time for product launch;
We will provide product price options.


Online marketing strategy

For a product to get attention, it is necessary to advertise. Together with our partners, we will take care of your online advertising. Our partners - https://taurus-media.com/.

We will offer website development, social network administration, influencer marketing services;
We will prepare a communication plan for the desired period;
We will recommend a budget that guarantees the effectiveness of online advertising.